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Our services and enterprise solutions aim at transforming your business, ensuring functionality and channelizing your way up against your competitors. Our wide portfolio does not only displays our acquisitions but is a graphical story of our evolution in advance technological era, expertise and bespoke web solutions through which we have set our foundations in the digital world.

Our actions do not claim but are proofs for what it’s worth, mentioning few of our services and technologies like offshore PHP development services, web and mobile development services, .net and Java web development services, product engineering, legacy migration, consulting, application maintenance and digital marketing services. We have been assisting our clients over a decade to mark their web presence globally and enhance their business operation and management. Our effortless services and proven solutions ensure faster time to market; improve ROIs, relevant identity at various digital platforms and an improved customer satisfaction for you


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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is broad , deep and complex solution to all industry. Our team is still learning and exploring all possibilities what AI can achieve in different industry. Some of the solutions we provide at the moment are Facial Recognition , OCR , object matching , Masket basket algorithm , User segmentation and others still under research and study.


We provide ERC Solidity Contract , Hyperledger Smart Contract and Blockchain Wallet solution. We love to hear your brilliant ideas of how to apply cutting edge technology to address some unsolved problems in the business world , let us lend you a hand to make a better world.

Interactive Content

Interactive Content means interaction between content and user, it should not limited to any particular tech usage or it should not defined as high tech solution. The content can be delivered via kinect motion detection , touch screen , camera vision motion capture or audio recognition . Thus the key to the solution is how can we develop the content in creative way which make the content valueable to people and interactive with fun.

Chat bots

We designed automated chat conversation for different industry , tailor or templated dialog for service reservation , Q&A , product info enquiry and others. You can opt to embed the chat engine to web , mobile or even social channel like FB Messenger , yet with multi lingual support.

Web Development

We have a team of expertise in building web application for backend architect and front end UI/UX thin client , we designed micro page for campaign, developed proof of concept for new ideas , delivered robust e-commerce application and tailored any ideas for our clients.

Mobile App

We developed live streaming mobile app, blockchain wallet app, augmented reality mobile app, ecommerce mobile app, and many other fancy application, no matter what we build , we stick to our basic practise : keep testing for perfection.

Augmented , Mixed , Virtual Reality

We delivered numbers of Augmented and Mixed Reality solution in pass few decade, we build all 3D model in-house , animate it , refined the model and showcast via mobile or desktop application.

3D Scanning , Modeling

We invested 3D handheld Scanner for object scanning which give us the most accurate measurement of the item and people, we had scanned and delivered over hundred of furniture and human model. We not only provide pointcloud data yet we refine the data to fit for different usage for instance high quality VR / Video publishing or low polygon modeling for mobile application implementation.

What We Do

We build & maintain outstanding websites, apps & software using technology that grows & evolve as you do.

We support revenue streams with innovative services & new business models.

Poketlytic brings a decade of experience with a framework to deliver transformation for faster time for marketing new services, end to end integration, improved customer satisfaction.

Leads are the fundamental need of any business and we ensure optimum leads to your business through advanced digital promotion strategies. Our solutions are exceptionally powerful and can enable you to shoot your business to the all-new heights.

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Saul Goodman

They did an excellent job and they went beyond the milestone. They gave us good customer service and they responded well to queries. When we ask for changes they do it without any questions. We are very happy with the output would recommend them for Magento projects. They are an expert!

Sara Wilsson

Over the last 8 month, we had the pleasure to work with Poketlytic on a complicated mobile/web application project. Right from the start of the project, I thought Poketlytic,exhibited full technical competence; it then didn't take too long before we started the project milestone, and were very happy with the outcome. Also, being a long and complicated project, and the fact that we were residing some 10,000 miles apart.

Jena Karlis

I highly recommend Poketlytic. This has been a very efficient working experience. Even with a huge time difference they made the sacrifice to operate during our business hours in order to get the job done. I will continue to do business with them! Their work is also very very impressive. Thanks Poketlytic

Matt Brandon

Poketlytic took our small business idea and made it a reality. Their professionalism is hard to match as well as their expertise. They kept on budget and delivered a quality product on time. I highly recommend Poketlytic to any individual or business (large or small) for a truly great customer experience. Our website required many features - an online store, academic rankings, and live video chat software among other things, and I can't say enough about their end product

John Larson

I am extremely satisfied with the service given by Poketlytic. They managed my project very well and team was monitoring it through every day. They are always containable and their responsiveness is second to none. Their development team has also been wonderful in giving my website in completely new face, which has received plenty of compliments from peers and clients. For the price that I've paid, I don't think I can get a better service and design anywhere else.


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